Dear players, club members, fans, sponsors, patrons and friends of the FVL, the first team of the FV 1922 Leutershausen, newly assembled before the season, has won the championship in the district class A2 Mannheim under the direction of player coach Stefan Matthes and Sven Bopp.
We are very proud of our team of coaches and our team and are looking forward to the start of next season in the district’s highest championship round, the district league Mannheim.
We would like to celebrate the sporting success together with you.
The big “FVL – Meisterfeier” will take place on
Saturday, 30 June 2018, Sports Centre at Heddesheimer Straße
Start with champagne reception at 6:30 pm
We would be very pleased if you are our guests this evening.
With sporty greetings
Marcel Fischer
1st Chairman FV 1922 Leutershausen e.V.

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